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Water Damage

  The longer your flooded property stays wet, the more damage the water does.  There’s a reason water damage restoration companies are a 24/7 business.

  Quickly addressing your flooded property could save you thousands of dollars down the line.  Under wet conditions mold growth will occur within 24-48 hours if the proper steps aren’t taken.  Securing the source of water (broken pipe, toilet overflow, ect) is the first step in addressing your flooded property.  Extracting water from carpet and other flooring materials is a great way to mitigate your damage.

  Although important, carpet and pad aren’t the primary concern when it comes to drying out your home or business.  Drywall, cabinets, insulation, sub-floor, and other building materials will hold moisture leading to secondary damage.    Our moisture meters and thermal imaging equipment will locate the areas of concern to properly dry and avoid mold growth.


  Our specialized moisture detection equipment allows us to track exactly where the water went.  Hidden pocket of moisture may lead issues with mold if left unaddressed.  Utilizing tools like thermal imaging cameras allows us to find moisture that many companies may not discover. Other specialty meters are used to check areas like wood flooring, cabinets, sub-flooring, insulation, and other building materials.


  We maintain a certification by the IICRC to handle your water damaged home.  The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is recognized internationally as a knowledgeable industry voice and resource. It serves as an independent, nonprofit standard-setting and certification body, to set and promote high standards and ethics; and to advance communication and technical proficiency within the inspection, cleaning and restoration service industries.

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