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Mold Removal

  Food sources We can help you identify the source of the mold growth using our moisture detection equipment. The extent of the mold damage can be determined once the water source has been identified and corrected. Sometimes a third party consultant or industrial hygienist  may need to be consulted. Usually the mold you can see is the least of your concerns, mold grows fastest in the areas of highest moisture content (inside walls, under cabinets, behind baseboards, ect). Simply cleaning up the visible mold will not stop mold from continuing to grow and spread. Improper cleaning can contaminate unaffected areas of your home including your heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system.

  Why Is Mold a Problem?

  • Mold is unsightly and devalues your property.

  • Mold colonies usually emit a damp unpleasant musty smell.

  • Mold decomposes the materials it’s growing on. Given enough time the mold will breakdown and destroy most materials it’s growing on.

  • Mold emits mycotoxins, mycotoxins are hazardous to humans and can cause severe health problems over time

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